SAR is proud to form a partnership agreement with the Brazilian Giant Wolf rock drilling equipment, The aim is to enhance efficiency in mining and construction operations by providing customers with reliable, cutting-edge machinery.


With the growing demand for advanced drilling solutions, SAR recognized the need for a strong distribution network and found a compatible partner in Drilling Equipment Solutions. Their extensive experience and wide-reaching network make them an ideal collaborator to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of rock drilling equipment to customers.


Wolf Rock Drilling Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality drilling equipment used in various industries, from construction and mining to geotechnical exploration and water well drilling. The company offers a wide range of innovative and reliable drilling rigs, tools, and accessories designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging drilling projects.


The main product that SAR will be distributing in the KSA market are: Fox Hydraulic Crawler Drill, Sonic Hydraulic Drilling Attachment and Pneumatic Crawler Drill MW.

Fox Hydraulic Crawler Drill (12 – 30)

Drill with cabin, it is the most complete of the series, versatile, easy operation and simple maintenance. Excellent option, to be used in Quarries and Mining in the open pit.


This equipment generates high productivity with low operating costs, which guarantees an excellent cost-benefit. With cabin ROPS/FOPS as optional item.

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Fox Hydraulic Crawler Drill (8 – 20)

It combines the best: High productivity with low diesel consumption, with surface hammer system, equipment with 4-cylinder and electronic engine. The FOX 8-20’s compact size means it can be easily transported from job to job.


Excellent option, to be used in Quarries and Mining in the open pit.

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Fox Hydraulic Crawler Drill (8 – 30)

It can be equipped with two models of Ergonomic Cabs with Air-conditioning, one of which meets the international safety standards “ROPS/FOPS”.


Compact size and economical. Excellent option, to be used in Quarries and Mining in the open pit.

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Sonic Hydraulic Drilling Attachment 2000

The Hydraulic Attachment, installed on Mini Excavators, Backhoe Loaders and Munck Trucks or Backhoe Loaders, was developed to work with Surface Hammers (pneumatic or hydraulic) or Rotator.


It is used for the application of tie rods, secondary drilling (hot flash) in mining/quarries or for urban works in Civil Construction.

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Sonic Hydraulic Drilling Attachment 3500

The Hydraulic Attachment, specially developed to be installed on excavators, works as a Surface Hydraulic Hammer.


With high performance, it is an excellent option for optimizing operating costs and operating in hard-to-reach places required in Civil Construction, Quarries and Mining.

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MW 5000 Pneumatic Crawler Drill

Flagship among the Pneumatic Carts ideal for the development/opening of benches. It is possible to work with Surface Hammer (Drifters) or Bottom Hammer/Rotator. (DTH). Features a high-range Extensive Boom version with up to 1.5m increase in length.

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