Transportation Sector​

We are keen to deliver our products to the customer location at the specified time without slowdown or delay. For this purpose, we equipped a fleet of light and heavy vehicles to accommodate the demands of customers day and night for fast supply as there is no need to wait; the transport fleet is also equipped with monitoring systems on the roads to ensure the arrival of shipments to the customer as fast as possible.


Graded Aggregates

Our fleet of transport trucks provides transportation for all types of raw materials, both on the road and on-site.

We transport various raw materials such as sand, Graded Aggregates, small and large stones products.

We have the capability to produce high volume of aggregates to cover huge sites with endless quantities. Moreover, we are able to supply all sizes of aggregates (sub-base, base-course) to our clients including concrete ready mix and precast plants, block factories, asphalt plants and general contracting companies.

Asphalt Transport

Asphalt products are used for many purposes by factories and construction companies. They are used in paving roads, streets, airports, in the manufacture of roofs, and to prevent water leakage…. the lower layers are also used to protect underground pipelines to protect them from corrosion.

We transport all Marshall type mixtures as well as improved asphalt Superpave.

Fuel Transport

Our fleet of transport trucks provides all types of Fuel, fuel products are extremely flammable materials, the transport and storage of which is tightly regulated in line with Aramco standards.

Water Transport

Water is an essential element in our business and for our customers as well. We are able to safely and cleanly deliver this commodity to our end users.

Cement Transport

We recently expanded our fleet of transportation by contracting several companies to transport cement for major construction projects.

We transport crushed cement, resistant cement & white cement.

Our clients

Over the past 40 years more than 500 clients list speaks for itself. We develop long-term relationships with our clients.