Saudi Vision 2030

“Saleh Abdulaziz Al Rashed & Sons (SAR)”, a leading organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is committed to playing a significant role in the realization of the Saudi Vision 2030. With a clear understanding of the vision’s objectives and a strong grasp of its importance for the nation’s future, SAR has aligned its strategies and operations to contribute effectively to the transformation of Saudi Arabia.


At the core of SAR efforts lies the emphasis on diversification and developing strategic sectors as outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030. SAR is actively investing in cutting-edge technologies and research and development initiatives to foster innovation and nurture emerging industries. By leveraging its expertise and resources, SAR is contributing to the creation of a knowledge-based economy, paving the way for Saudi Arabia to become an innovation hub in the region.


In summary, SAR is fully committed to supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 by actively participating in the nation’s economic diversification, investment in emerging sectors, technology, and innovation, nurturing local talent, and promoting gender equality. By aligning its strategies with the vision’s objectives, SAR stands as a key player in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards sustainable development and a thriving future economy.