ASTEC designs and manufactures industry-leading rock breaking equipment with innovative technology for aggregate, mining, construction and demolition applications. Equipment range includes:


ASTEC technology-driven rock breaking attachment includes:

  • Hydraulic breakers: With three size ranges and a variety of attachable tools, we have hydraulic breakers for any producer. Our breakers feature reduced noise levels, low operating costs, internal component protection and many more features to make any operation successful.
  • Hydraulic Compactors: ASTEC offer five models to satisfy a wide range of compaction applications including soil, embankments, trenches, sheet piling and posts.
  • Mechanical Pulverizes: ASTEC pulverizes feature bolt-on replaceable teeth that allow field change-out in minutes. The attachment uses existing excavator hydraulics, so no additional circuits are required.
  • Hydraulic Shears: The hydraulic scrap shear offers increased productivity through more power, improved jaw design and better blades. The blades can be changed quickly and easily, minimizing machine downtime, optimizing productivity.
  • Hydraulic Pulverizes: Quick cycle times and strategically-placed teeth make these pulverizes your go-to tool for fast fragmentation and separation of rebar from the concrete.
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Rock Breaker System

Designed to integrate into your mobile, portable or stationary crushing plant, or at grizzly ore-pass sites, our breaker systems include boom mounting configurations, automatic greasing packages, motor starter panels, joystick control and plant integration.

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Mobile Mining Equipment

The mobile mining equipment is available in an assortment of sizes and functions depending on the application and operation needs. Product range includes:

Mobile Rock Breakers:

The mobile rock breakers feature hydraulic attachments on a low-profile, side-mounted design for low tramming and operating heights. The four heavy-duty, self-leveling stabilizers provide quick set-up time and stable operation, while the 45-degree carrier articulation makes it easy to turn in tight spaces.

Mobile Scalers:

The mobile scalers are engineered to provide a safe and efficient method of mechanical scaling and the flexibility to deal with nearly all scaling situations.

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