To use the strength of family to create a more secure, enjoyable, and sustainable society.


Before we start our machinery, before we excavate, load, and crush-even before we sit down in front of the computer to organize the day—we consider safety. Our culture emphasizes safety.


At Saleh Abdulaziz Al Rashed & Sons Co (SAR), we don’t say “it all begins with safety” to make a nice first impression. The way we work is ingrained with safety. We carefully endeavor to ensure that it continues to be an important aspect of how we live our lives, both professionally and personally.


Because we want to foster a positive work atmosphere that emphasizes accountability, planning, and communication so that our teams can effectively handle the daily hazards associated with our industry in addition to ensuring that our employees get home in a safe manner.

Communication Is Essential

this is where it all begins. The CEO, Area managers, Operation and sales managers, the safety department, and all supporting staff gather weekly to keep the dialogue on topic and consistent.

We discuss problems freely and collaborate to find possible risks and fix them before they develop into high-risk situations. While essential topics are addressed before they become problems, new presenters keep the subject matter current.

Training is Strength

At “SAR”, learning and leading are intertwined. With training at all organizational levels, our leadership is committed to motivating teams. We are continually learning and developing, whether we are brand-new personnel just beginning their careers in the sector or those in top leadership roles. In order to improve conduct, we first observe to determine which areas require more training or attention. We next reward positive behavior.

SAR “Saleh Abdulaziz Al Rashed & Sons Co.” is committed to adhering to environmental compliance in all aspects of our operations.


We recognize the importance of managing our environmental impact and strive to minimize any negative effects on the environment. Through the implementation of robust policies and practices, we ensure compliance with relevant environmental regulations and standards. This includes managing waste responsibly, conserving energy and resources, reducing emissions, and promoting sustainability throughout our operations.


Our dedication to environmental compliance not only demonstrates our commitment to the planet, but also helps us build trust and maintain a positive reputation among stakeholders, employees, and the community.