ASTEC material handling equipment cover many applications and are designed for efficiency and high-capacity material transferring, moving and mixing. The equipment line includes:

  1. Conveyors & Stacker: it includes Telescoping conveyors, Radial Stackers, Transfer Conveyors, Stationary Conveyors, Mobile Conveyors and Mobile Radial Conveyors
  2. Truck unloaders
  3. Feed System: it includes Mobile Hopper Feeders, Mobile Mulch Hopper Feeders and Feeding system
  4. Pugmills
  5. Track Tuggers

Conveyor and Stacker

Telescoping conveyors:

Its innovative design allows producers to achieve up to 30% more stockpile capacity and its patented Wizard Touch™ automation system builds custom-desegregated stockpiles with increased capacity.

Radial Stackers:

Available in standard sizes from 42 inches x 150 feet, these conveyors partner seamlessly with our full line of portable and stationary crushing, screening and material handling equipment. Incredibly easy to set up, our radial stackers will have you moving material in no time.

Transfer Conveyors:

For road portability or in-pit portability, our Series 40T transfer conveyors are the ideal solutions and available in skid-mount or dolly-axle configurations.

Stationary Conveyors:

From tripper systems to loading and unloading railcars, trucks and ships, we have the right design, components, installation and support for every application.

Mobile Conveyors:

With the mobility and flexibility of our conveyors, operators can reduce or even eliminate the need for wheel loaders on site. We also stackers for a variety of applications from heavy-duty crushing operations to lighter screening jobs.

Mobile Radial Conveyors:

provide efficient and versatile transportation of bulk materials over short distances. Their ability to rotate and maneuver makes them valuable tools for various industries, contributing to improved productivity and operational efficiency.

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Truck Unloaders

The drive-over truck unloader provides an efficient solution for unloading material wherever it is needed. The low profile allows producers to build smaller earthen ramps, cutting labor needs, fuel costs and set-up time.

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Feed System

Mobile Hopper Feeders:

The mobile hopper feeder allows operators to directly discharge from wheel loaders, grab cranes or excavators, and eliminates the double handling of material on site. The hopper feeder creates a controlled feed of material into other units.

Mobile Mulch Hopper Feeders:

The feeder can be directly fed by wheel loaders, grab cranes, wood grinders, shredders, screens or trommels. With excellent mobility on-site, the mulch hopper feeder will eliminate double-handling of material.

Feeding System:

The seamless compatibility of our entire line of material feed products allows producers to run at peak performance and maximize the effectiveness of their operations by improving material feed points.

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The continuous-mix plants include two counter-rotating shafts with paddles and timing gears to keep the mix moving at the optimal speed for the best-quality mix.

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Track Tuggers

This machine has the ability to easily provide in-pit mobility for portable telescoping conveyors. Producers can track their conveyors and also provide power to two external conveyors for added convenience.

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