Crushers Sector

We are supplying and producing building materials of graded aggregates.

Our quarries are located at two major sites; Rumah and Summan, thus, ensuring procurement to Riyadh and the Eastern region.

Through certified, engineering, and chemical testing we guarantee that the quality of our production is never compromised.

With over 39 years of experience in the field, SAR ensures providing high quality graded aggregate by grinding and crushing natural solid rock in our quarries. Our quarries’ locations are chosen based on specific factors including geological parameters and planning restrictions.

We have the capability to produce high volume of aggregates to cover huge sites with endless quantities.

Moreover, we are able to supply all sizes of aggregates (sub-base, base-course) to our clients including concrete ready mix and precast plants, block factories, asphalt plants and general contracting companies, in any quantities they desire.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility is one of the core values of SAR. We aim to always push our employees to reach their best advantage and full potential. Therefore, we have provided them with a secure work environment and set all our quarries to meet the highest standards of environmental measures to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

There has been unquestionable infrastructure development and urban movement in our Kingdom, hence, we have witnessed a drastic increase in the demand rates for building materials. It has caused a positive impact on the industry on an economical and societal level, which promoted local investments, thus, empowering the sector of building materials as a whole.

Contracting & Equipment

Saleh Abdulaziz Al-Rashed & Sons Co. has over 700 very well trained and experienced workforce of engineers, geologists, surveyors and labor to make sure that our ongoing operations are running in full force.

We also have a huge fleet of heavy machinery of

  • Caterpillar ( 769 - 773 ) Dump Trucks.
  • Caterpillar ( 345 - 365 ) Excavators.
  • Caterpillar ( D8 - D9 - D10 ) Bulldozers.
  • Caterpillar ( 966 - 980 - 988 ) Wheel dozers.