Caravan Sector

We are a pioneering company in the manufacture of steel and strong metal caravans, with the finest modern manufacturing materials and under the supervision of engineers with the highest degree of professionalism and skill.

We also take care of the internal and external small details in which we take into consideration the customer's taste.

What distinguishes our products from others is the permanent control of our products and the guarantee of high quality.

Evolution of Materials & Tools in the Caravans Industry​

Caravans Evolution

With the emergence of the idea of ​​mobile homes, the idea developed little by little, and a kind of complete change occurred in the form, essence and content, and ideas coincided with the idea of ​​mobile homes, as the overall description of the ideas is moving from one place to another place.

Since ancient times, the ancient man used to have the idea of ​​carrying the dwelling to any place he walked to by means of travel or by river housing that moves through the water to different areas on the banks of the river until the idea of ​​hastily loaded caravans arose, and these caravans were pulled by the trawlers that set up Transfer caravans to any place desired by the caravan owner.

At the present time, this concept has evolved according to the special needs of customers, taking into account the development in the capabilities and tools of manufacturing these caravans, so they contain internal rooms equipped with the latest living equipment in which the customer can not feel the difference between a normal house and a caravan, where the floors of the caravan are prepared. With the finest materials, the caravans are made of steel structures or of solid metals such as iron or steel, and these structures are prepared in large specialized factories that form the structures in a unique engineering way and under the supervision of an integrated team of manufacturing experts who have long and deep experience in manufacturing these caravans.

The comprehensive engineering plans that are designed for each caravan contribute greatly to defining the work plan, on the basis of which a group of specialized engineers implement these designs on the ground with precision and perfection, so that the final product matches the vision and ambition of the customer.
The electrical, plumbing and drainage schemes, public safety plans, insulation, central air conditioning, external and internal structural plans for the trailer vary according to demand, so each customer has his own requirements and vision, and we in turn provide multiple options from our experience that we have gained over the years to ensure the customer quality and high performance.


Manufacturing stages

After the final designs are approved and approved by the customer, we start manufacturing the steel structure with the highest specifications in terms of insulation and type, then we establish an integrated electrical network, plumbing and sewage network, and develop an integrated safety system that includes a high-level fire fighting system.

The insulation of the caravan is one of the most important steps that we take care of, since the beginning of the manufacture of the structure, we isolate the surface, floor and other parts of the caravan from heat and water using the best materials for thermal and sound insulation, as the insulation method passes through more than one stage to ensure the highest possible degree of insulation.

Then the outer facades are closed with aluminum strips, and the axles and bridges are fixed to the bottom of the caravan, so that the frames can be installed later.

Then the caravan is transferred to the final finishing plant to install and finish the internal woodwork from the finest types of carefully selected wood, and to complete the internal and external electrical and plumbing works according to the pre-laid plans, after which the caravan becomes ready for furnishing.

After carrying out all the necessary tests to ensure the safety and quality of performance of all parts and contents of the caravan, we proudly deliver it to the customer.