Asphalt Sector

Our plants are located in Rumah and are licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources. They are defined by their geological character and planning constraints. Through our certified, engineering, and chemical testing we guarantee that the quality of our production is never compromised.

Saleh Abdulaziz AlRashed and Sons Co. (Asphalt Sector) have collaborated with leading companies in the field of hot asphalt which have allowed us to share expertise and growth.

In light of the rapid development foreseeing the kingdom, and the excessive demand immersing the market, S.A.R (Asphalt Sector) was established to meet the needs of this saturated market.

Our production capacity is relatively as high as 240 tons/hour. We either provide hot asphalt under the mixer or deliver it to the site in Riyadh. Moreover, we offer all Marshall type mixtures as well as improved asphalt Superpave.

Our team ranges from engineers, managers, administration, accountants, technicians, and workers that all share the same vision.

We hope to have reached a level of reliability that our clients take pride in.

This reliability has been built on years of experience in the field. The foundations of our company have been built on the pillars of trust, accomplishment, and part-taking in a collaborative culture, which has all contributed towards achieving our goals and always aspiring to create new endeavors.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility is one of the core values of SAR. We aim to always push our employees to reach their best advantage and full potential. Therefore, we have provided them with a secure work environment and set all our sites to meet the highest standards of environmental measures to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

There has been unquestionable infrastructure development and urban movement in our Kingdom, hence, we have witnessed a drastic increase in the demand rates for building materials. We have also taken it upon ourselves to introduce the asphalt sector within the company. Since then, it has been serving projects across the kingdom by providing them with resources to build bridges, roads, harbors, and other public facilities. This has caused a positive impact on the industry on an economical and societal level, which promoted local investments, thus, empowering the sector of building materials as a whole.