Abdulaziz S. Al Rashed

General Manager’s Message

Success has always been our driving force to grow and flourish. We believe that it has been our company’s motive towards expanding our commercial and industrial activities, and contently fulfilling our goals with shared efforts and utmost perseverance. With our dedication, we’ve now become one of the pioneer companies in the field of mining. Our path to prosperity and excellence was paved by great expertise, careful planning, and technological innovations. It has also been marked by persistent execution and consistency which are the foundations of success in our field. During early 1981, Saleh Abdulaziz AlRashed & Sons Co. was established as a national sole proprietorship company; it eventually transitioned into an LLC on 22/02/2011. Throughout our 39 years of experience, we have faced multiple challenges that we saw potential in thriving for change and growth. Nevertheless, Saleh Abdulaziz AlRashed & Sons co. has accomplished numerous high-profile projects that are both publicly and privately owned. By expanding and reaching out to all regions across our kingdom and neighboring countries, we are diversifying the oil-based economy, empowering local production abroad, and creating societal impact. We are actively striving to attain goals of the promising 2030 vision, align our values with our Kingdom’s, and advocate our ambitious nation.

Who We Are

Saleh Abdulaziz Alrashed & Sons Co. is a leading company in many fields, such as manufacturing, supply, production and transportation, the company consists of several major sectors The Crushers sector – graded aggregate production, the Asphalt sector, the Manufacturing sector & spare parts, the Transportation sector, and the Caravan sector All sectors participate and cooperate with each other to come up with an integrated product or services that the customer aspires to, Which gives us strength in our relentless endeavor to expand our commercial and industrial activities, Armed with our principles and high ethical standards in all of our business activities.


We believe in creating long term trusted relationships with our clientele built on our passion to deliver optimum solutions. From our sustainable standpoint in preserving natural resources by reducing waste materials to our approach in operating a safe workplace to our determined managerial team always seeking continuous development.

Our vision is to always be the preferred developer for aggregate production for every project in the region.


Our mission is to always provide quality products that are up to standards. With over 39 years of experience in the field, we ensure delivering excellence at all times.



  • To be the first dependable source for clients.
  • To provide optimal solutions for every project.
  • To set the bar for high standards & uncompromising quality.


  • Safety.
  • Social environmental responsibility.
  • Sustainability.
  • Why we are always your first choice?

    High accuracy at the time of delivery/

    Our products are of high quality.

    Presence of high ethical and legal standards in all our business.

    We protect the environment.

    Our multiple products are suitable for all customers.

    Years of Experience
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